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    HDD Caddy za Dell strežnike

    HDD Caddy za Dell strežnike

    • 2.5 inch HDD caddy ; 11, 12, 13 generacija Dell strežnikov ; p/n: G176J
      Subtitute pn : Dell Part #: G176J / Y961D / 0G176J / G281D / 0G281D / WX387 / T961C / XN394 / KG7NR
    • 3.5 inch HDD caddy: 14 generacija; p/n: X7K8W
    • 3.5 inch HDD caddy; 11, 12, 13 generacija ; p/n: F238F
      Subtitute pn:  Dell Part #: G302D / X968D
    • 3.5 inch HDD caddy; 9, 10 generacija; p/n: D981C
      Subtitute pn:  Dell Part #: F9541 / NF467 / H9122 / G9146 / MF666 / Y973C / J105C / WR54
    • 3.5 -> 2.5 adapter;  p/n: 9W8C4
      Subtitute pn:  Dell Part #: Y004G / N6RRK
    • 2.5 Blank ; p/n: TW13J
      Subtitute pn:  Dell Part #: 5PPFJ


    Zaradi različnih modelov prosimo pokličite za ceno (0)5 93 43 401.

  • IBM trdi disk 450GB

    170,80 z DDV

    Rabljeno,12m garancije, za strežnike IBM.

    Part Number(s)
    IBM Option Part# 42D0519
    IBM FRU# 42D0520
    IBM FRU# 42D0521
    IBM FRU# 42D0560
    IBM FRU# 46M7030
    IBM Part# 41Y8495
    IBM Part# 42C0264

    protokol SAS

    • kapaciteta: 450GB
    • RPM (hitrost obratov): 15K
    • SFF
    • HS


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    Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 31S1P

    122,00 z DDV

    Večjedrni procesor Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor 31S1P

    [playne_toggle headercolor=”#” headerbackground=”#” bodycolor=”#” bodybackground=”#” title=”Podrobnosti (v ang)”]

    Vertical SegmentServer
    Number Of Cores57
    Cache28.5 MB
    Processor Base Frequency1.10 GHz
    TDP270 W
    Embedded Options AvailableNo
    Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)8 GB
    Max Number of Memory Channels16
    ECC Memory SupportedYes
    PCI Express Revision2.0


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    EiconCard C91

    122,00 z DDV

    WAN vmesnik za delovne postaje, ki temeljijo na PCI/PCIe.
    Novo, starejše izvedbe.

    [playne_toggle headercolor=”#” headerbackground=”#” bodycolor=”#” bodybackground=”#” title=”Opis (v ang)”]

    The Eiconcard C Series are intelligent multi-protocol traditional wide-area network (WAN) interface boards for PCI / PCIe based workstations. The C Series of synchronous serial interface adapters are targeted for X.25, HDLC,PPP or SNA/SDLC implementations.  The Eiconcard C Series offers connectivity through V.24 and/or ISDN ports, supporting line speeds of up to 64 Kbps and 128 Kbps respectively.

    The Eiconcard C Series allows you to connect over a variety of traditional WAN protocols such as X.25, Frame Relay, PPP, SDLC and HDLC, over leased lines, dial-up lines or ISDN lines. The Eiconcard C Series offloads the server from low level protocol processing tasks, resulting in a saving of server CPU resources.

    The Eiconcard C Series works in conjunction with Dialogic software, and is supported by Dialogic development tools and third-party products.


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  • IBM VXA-2 disk – 80/160GB

    54,90 z DDV

    80/160 GB VXA-2 Tape Drive

    Disk ponuja varčno in učinkovito rešitev za serverje IBM eServer xSeries.
    Ima 80GB kapacitete (do 160GB v stisnjenem formatu).

    [playne_toggle headercolor=”#” headerbackground=”#” bodycolor=”#” bodybackground=”#” title=”Podrobne informacije (v ang)”]

    The new VXA-2 Tape Drive Option offers a cost-effective solution for IBM eServer xSeries server customers looking for an efficient low-cost tape product. This single drive tape has 80GB drive capacity, up to 160GB in compression. The VXA tape drive will compliment the IBM eServer xSeries server line.

    This tape drive is a reliable rack mounted tape unit that supports Ultra2 low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI connections of up to 80MBps. It provides convenience and ease of use features, while supporting high-speed tape backup and up to 160 GB of data storage in compressed mode.

    Normally reserved for more expensive tape drives, IBM is offering the following features as standard on their new VXA-2 tape drive:

    • Up to 6/12 MB/s transfer rate
    • Up to 80/160 GB(1) capacity
    • SCSI interface
    • The drive and power supply are in one removable Field Replaceable
      Unit (FRU).



  • IBM trdi disk 73GB

    24,40 z DDV

    Originalno zapakirani, novi diski starejše izvedbe za strežnike IBM.

    39r7366, 40k1020, 40k1052

    protokol SAS

    • kapaciteta: 73 GB
    • RPM (hitrost obratov): 10K
    • SFF
    • HS


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